Fuck Stories, installation, 2023, Yea Man Spa Global, curated by Caroline Weinstock, Spring/Break Art Show - 625 Madison Ave, NYC

Wednesday, September 6, 2023 - Monday, September 11, 2023

Curated by Caroline Weinstock
625 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10022

We asked for smut, you came in our ears. 
Have you ever needed to purge a raunchy hookup from your memory, and de-semen-ate it to the world at the same time? We created Sex Stories Anonymous to do just that, and got ear-fucked by your voicemails. 
To protect the privacy of our callers we ran the messages through Al text-to-speech programs and plugged them into mp3 players that were then shoved into clunky and satisfyingly tactile office phones. 
Now you get to answer the calls and see how your sex life measures up to a bunch of whores, incels, weebs, and normies who fuck in missionary and prefer to have taken their secrets to the grave, but sent them to us instead. You're welcome.
Opening Wednesday, September 6th, 5PN to 8PM
Running Through Thursday, September 7th to Monday, Sept 11th, 11AM to 7pm

Click this link to continue to Spring/Break's website where you can acquire work from this show.

If you would like to be a part of this project, call now: (646)-572-6998.
Leave us a message with your most raucous, your most bizarre stories  ... The dirty, and the strange. 
We will include them in future projects.

Phone, phone, aux cord, mp3 player, edition of 10, 2023, Yea Man Spa Global, 9"x5"x8", 2023

Poster 1, screen print on cotton rag, edition of 10, 2023, Yea Man Spa Global, 26" x 19", 2023

T Shirt 1, screen print on cotton shirt, edition of 25,  2023, Yea Man Spa Global, XL, 2023